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What do we do with sea freight services in Dubai?

Sea Freight services in Dubai, offered by AL Taj, entail comprehensive cargo transportation solutions via sea routes. Our services encompass the efficient handling, storage, and transportation of goods to various destinations, including Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, African nations, and select other regions. We specialize in logistics management, ensuring seamless coordination of cargo handling, documentation, and customs clearance procedures. Utilizing containerized shipping solutions, route optimization techniques, and expert knowledge of international trade regulations, we ensure timely and cost-effective delivery of shipments.

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Benefits Of Sea Freight Services

Cost-Effectiveness: Sea freight services are renowned for their cost-effectiveness, especially when compared to air freight. Due to the larger capacity of cargo ships and lower fuel consumption per unit of cargo transported, sea freight tends to be more economical, particularly for shipments of considerable size or weight. This affordability can significantly reduce overall transportation costs for businesses, contributing to improved profit margins and competitiveness in the market.

Suitability for Bulk Cargo: Sea freight is exceptionally well-suited for transporting bulk cargo. Whether it's raw materials, machinery, automobiles, or commodities, sea freight can efficiently accommodate large volumes of goods in standard shipping containers or specialized cargo vessels. This capability is particularly advantageous for industries such as mining, manufacturing, and agriculture, which frequently deal with substantial quantities of materials and products requiring transportation.

Global Reach: Sea freight services offer unparalleled access to a vast network of destinations worldwide. With thousands of ports and terminals across continents, sea routes provide connectivity to virtually every corner of the globe. This extensive global reach makes sea freight indispensable for businesses with expansive supply chains and international trading partners. Whether shipping to major commercial hubs or remote locations, sea freight offers the flexibility and accessibility required to reach diverse markets and customers.

Environmental Sustainability: Sea freight is recognized for its relatively lower environmental impact compared to alternative transportation modes like air freight. Cargo ships generally emit fewer greenhouse gases per ton of cargo transported, making sea freight a more environmentally sustainable option. Additionally, advancements in vessel technology and fuel efficiency measures continue to enhance the eco-friendliness of sea freight operations. By choosing sea freight services, businesses can contribute to environmental sustainability efforts while fulfilling their logistical needs.


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    Professional cargo service, they tell me duration 40 to 50 days but rech before time within 33 days and all the stuff looking good no damages, I share two photos one from sharjah and other from my home in india. Highly recommended.

    Abdul Ateeque

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    Excellent service given by Siraj! Always gave timely updates about the cargo and responded to all our queries in very short time. Cargo arrived in time frame as mentioned by the company. I have sent cargo 3 times with them, would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to send cargo to India or elsewhere.

    Elvina Mascarenhas

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    These guys were amazing. They packed up all of my things into boxes and shipped it off in a timely manner. They are also not expensive considering the high quality service they provide. I would recommend them to anybody.

    LIVIN Warrior TV

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    I strongly recommend Al Taj Cargo for shipping regardless of any type of items you can make sure all of your items will reach your destination without any issues, specially those who care about the safety of the items more than the cost of the shipping charges, you may find cheaper rates than Al Taj but you will regret on later stages , all of my stuffs reached Cochin port safely, but I find it difficult the way the port authorities handle the baggage, it is not in control of cargo agencies. One more thing I have to add on about Al Taj is their packing,

    deepak k thottathil

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    Good service and reliable charge with on time delivery.I highly recommend all of you to choose Al Taj Cargo for sending our love to family🤗🤗